Hi, I'm Brooke!  My journey in the event industry started in 2003 as a student intern in the athletic department at UCLA - go Bruins! As an intern in the marketing department, I worked closely with sponsors who were executing game-time promotions. From the beginning, I was addicted to the adrenaline that comes with producing live events. I followed that passion and, right after college, worked for the Dodgers in advertising and special events and learned even more about event production.

At some point I realized weddings would be a great “next step” and, after cold calling nearly every wedding planner in Los Angeles, I ended up scoring my first job in the wedding world. After learned (a ton) more, I decided to start planning weddings on my own and Orange Blossom was born! Each of the incredible people listed below have played a huge role in the growth of Orange Blossom and I’m eternally grateful to each of them. Our team is filled with passionate, friendly and unbelievably talented people who genuinely care about our clients and their weddings and special events. We are so excited that you’re interested in learning more about us and we are even more excited to learn more about how we can help create an event that’s specially curated for you and your guests! 



Hi, I’m Christy – the lead designer here at Orange Blossom. I’m a California native who enjoys crafting, whiskey, hiking (preferably with dogs), traveling and binge watching shows. In my 10 years with this company, I have been fortunate enough to explore and grow as an artist – experimenting with woodworking, calligraphy, watercolor illustrations, graphic design, laser cutting, etc.  What I love most about my job is that I’m able to express myself creatively while sharing a couple’s love story.  I love drawing inspiration from our clients’ lives – work, hobbies, favorite places, etc. – and collaborating with them to create a meaningful design that is also beautiful.



Hi, I'm Danielle and I'm the blonde one of the Orange Blossom Team. Originally from Marietta, Georgia, I went to college in Arizona and found myself in the incredible city of Angeles where I am lucky enough to do what I love every single day: bring wedding visions to life!! In my seven plus years as a wedding planner, I've had the opportunity to wrangle wild animals, travel to exotic places, and meet the most incredible, unique, passionate couples around. There is little I love more than executing seamless weddings, and yes, I still often cry when I send a bride or groom down the aisle. When not helping couples make their dreams a reality, you can find me enjoying a broadway musical, hanging with my graphic designer husband, or eating eggplant. 



My name is Nicole, and I’m a graduate of Cal State Long Beach... GO BEACH! I’m an educator by degree, but my experience with planning, eye for design and love for organization, led me to planning and designing my own wedding —> hiring Orange Blossom to coordinate it —> and thanks to the cosmos —> becoming a lead coordinator and designer for this incredible company! I'm a fan of exclamation marks because I feel they rightfully express my enthusiasm, excitement and dedication to my clients’ events; chances are our emails will be filled with them. I absolutely, without a doubt, love Love, love what I do, and am thankful that my wedding led me to this road: a career with OBSE that I am so passionate about!

When I’m not designing, planning or executing events for our amazing clients, you’ll catch me playing with my little girl who totally rocks my world (and my hubby too of course)! :) 



My name is Janna and I feel incredibly lucky to plan celebrations of love, adventure and once in a lifetime dreams coming true.  I am an LA native with experience working on corporate soirees, conventions, awards shows and more!  My favorite types of events have always been weddings, so one day I quit my job within the hotel events industry and did what my mom has always told me to do - I followed my dreams! Thus came Orange Blossom and since joining this team I have never looked back. 

 Regardless of your wedding vision, culture or religious background you can trust to be welcomed into the Orange Blossom family with open arms.  What's my favorite part of a wedding?  The "Magic moment." It is different for everyone - it could be the First Look, a hug from a grandparent that causes everyone to bring out their tissues, the last dance to the evening.  It is the moment our brides and grooms have such clarity on what their day is all about.  That will always be why I do what I do.



Hi, I'm Jenny!  I first dipped my toes into the event industry back in high school. I then pursued a bachelor's degree in event planning which led me to an internship at Orange Blossom. It was then when I realized my love for weddings and my career as a wedding planner soon began. Over the course of three years as an event producer, I have come to find that my favorite thing about planning a wedding is being able to take a moment and turn it into a life lasting memory. Knowing that I have the ability to bestow happiness upon two individuals is something out of a fairy tale, but I am fortunate enough to call this my job. 



Hi, I’m Jamie, a lifestyle blogger turned event designer, who despite loving to travel, has never found a good enough reason to leave Los Angeles. I fell in love with weddings after designing my own. My experience in photography, graphic design and all things DIY made for a seamless career change. I have a degree in Global Studies which allows me to be strategic, solve problems and see the big picture. As a designer, I strive to create beautiful events that uniquely represent our clients personal styles and stories. Being a part of such an important moment in someone’s life is pretty magical. What can I say- I love people in love!

If I’m not at a wedding, you’re likely to find me on a bicycle, at a craft brewery, eating baked goods or watching bad comedies with my husband and our cats.



Hi, I'm Crystal! My very first job in high school was at a wedding venue, and I made my way back into the industry after planning and designing my own in 2012. I had the luck of finding Brooke when I was was searching for a wedding coordinator, and needless to say she executed the wedding flawlessly (with the help of Christy and Danielle)! After years of designing and planning weddings for our amazing clients, you can now find me behind the scenes, managing our PR, and using my obsession with organization on operational processes and business development projects.



Hovik is utterly and completely full of wedding planning knowledge. Seriously, he’s a guru. He has been planning weddings for a decade and has such incredible style. I sometimes fall asleep wishing I’ll wake up as Hovik. He’s the best and we all learn from him constantly. Oh, he’s also got jokes!
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Hovik’s favorite thing about planning weddings? Coming up with creative solutions to each couple's unique challenges and needs.