Monday Morning Inspiration: WEDDING SIGNS ON ETSY

By Christy, the Orange Blossom Design Specialist

Today, we’re sharing more of our favorite things on Etsy! This time the focus is on WEDDING SIGNAGE. Not only do signs add great detail to your overall décor and photos, they serve a more functional purpose as well – letting your guests know where to go, what to do and what things are. Etsy is the perfect place to find signs that match both your wedding style and operational purpose. They have a variety of styles and price ranges and since so many are made to order, they’re usually customizable to suit your needs!

Image Sources via Etsy: Bragging Bags; Emily Hatch – Senseless Sophistication; Olive Tree Monograms; Our Hobby to Your Home & Wedding; Csugarm; Family Attic; The Back Porch Shoppe

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