A Perfect Day!

I, like so many people, woke up in early (and I mean EARLY) on the morning of April 29th to watch the Royal Wedding. The moment pictured below alone was well worth any sluggishness I may feel today! Congratulations William and Catherine! Such an amazingly beautiful day! :)

Royal Wedding Countdown: 80 days to go!

If you’re even slightly as into this wedding as I am, you’ll find the stories on BBC’s Royal Wedding Insider to be a pleasant read. The article posted by Peter Hunt, BBC’s royal correspondent, on January 31st gives us a glimpse into who will be “footing” the bill for the royal wedding on April 29th — something we can all relate to if we’ve been through (or are currently going through) the wedding planning process. Enjoy!


If you need a bit of comic relief between your vendor appointments this Summer, this movie is sure to do the trick! Click here for the trailer!

PS — anyone else LOVE Kristen Wiig as much as I do??